Use the CONTACT link in the right sidebar menu to request the below services. Any donations for on site services would be used for travel and materials only.

  1. Free North Texas JPL/NASA
    Solar System Ambassador programs.
    My Ambassador Profile
  2. Personalized space exploration and development Information research and update services. One time projects or weekly delivery services to email or website hosted web pages. See Science Data Services below for detailed information. Browse the links of this website to see the resources used for your data services.
  3. Online space STEM education and learning with Life Skills Applications for individual students or groups. STEM  is Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.
    For a class example see EDUCATION > MIDDLE SCHOOL: MS Curriculum. Certificates are awarded for course completions including teamwork and honors awards
    The following internet teaching systems are being used:

    • Edmodo online classroom
    • Wiggio Group Tools. Wiggio allows extension of in-person and group communications with live Virtual Meetings, Conference Calls, and Chat Rooms. Virtual Meetings include real-time video conferencing, screen sharing, file sharing and white boarding.
    • Prezi Presentation SystemsCreative Multimedia Presentations
To use this site for space research see the RESOURCES pages and the Search Engines link.



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