Primary Materials

Generic School Kit – please bring to every class:

1 Crayons, 24 ct
1 Eraser, Pink Pearl
2 pocket folders with construction paper, assorted colors
1 Glue, White, Washable, 4oz
1 Crayons, 8ct, Large
1 Glue Stick, Small
1 Glue, White, Washable, 4oz
1 Markers, Classic, Broad, Washable, 8 ct
2 Pencil, Primary w/eraser,
1 School Box, 8″ x 5″
1 Scissors,  Blunt (round)

Drawing Pad

Core Unit: Motion

3 Coffee cans and extra lids, adhesive tape, heavy bar for inside of can, sand or stones

hand puppets.

variety of objects (skis, skates, crutches, wheel chairs, roller skates, bicycle, skateboard, snowshoe, paddle board) which make it easier for people to move along different surfaces.

wooden block covered with sandpaper and a block covered with smooth paper over a piece of spruce plywood

seasonal pictures to discuss ways people, animals andmachines move under different weather conditions

eraser to a string. Suspend it from a piece of doweling

simple ramp with a piece of wood

various objects such as marbles, toy cars, toilet paper tubes, different sized plastic canisters such as pill bottles or film containers, aluminum or tin cans, etc. Coffee cans

floating and sinking using water, salt water, or clear soda water as the substance into which a variety of objects are put to see if they sink or float. Have students predict before they try each object. Use items such as small pieces of wood, eraser, elastic band, paper clip, metal nuts, raisins and popcorn kernels dried in the oven, bean seeds, small plastic toys, marble,

baking soda , diluted vinegar

Spin a top. Bounce a ball. Roll a small car


elastics around a shoe box

book, string, and a spring scale, pencils
milk, food colouring, and a little liquid soap.

Core Unit: Magnets

Magnets, metal and nonmetal objects, large chart paper

bar or horseshoe magnetsmetal paper clips

empty milk cartons, or use boxes having different shapes. Use different types of magnets, tape

iron nailsstringplastic drinking cups, wax paper, aluminum foil,

flat piece of styrofoam

aluminum,  or plastic,  tray.

disc magnets with cardboard

rulers or metre sticks

ramp ball glass marble

Measuring Matter

Measuring instruments. length, volume, and mass

pictures of items to create a centre, display, or bulletin board of measurement devices

  1. 30 cm ruler? a metre stick? a surveyor’s tape or chain? a flexible tape?
  2. When would you use a litre carton? a half-litre? a four litre container? a measuring spoon? a measuring cup?
  3. When would you use balances? scales?
    paper platewool

erasers, paper clips, popsicle sticks, chalkboard erasers, even hand-spans

30 cm ruler, tape measure, and metre stick

containers of various sizes so that students might experiment with measurement using water, small seeds, aquarium gravel, rice or other grains, or small pasta. [More than one centre may be used with different containers and items to be compared in each centre.] Large, low-edged containers to hold your seeds and grains (cake pans, tubs, basins, large bowls

containers of different shapes which hold a standard amount (litre, half-litre, etc.)

small-mouthed containers, provide funnels

scales and balances and a variety of objects and materialsdishes of rice, wheat, gravel, pastarice, marbles, water, gravel,paper bag that would also hold the popped cornMagnifiers

piece of wood, a string to suspend the stick at mid-point or a triangular prism to use as a fulcrum, and recycled containers

fasten balloons to the ends of balances with elastics or string

Front CoverScroll down to experiments and see “YOU WILL NEED: ” lists.

Lunar Cycle Materials:

Magnify It! Materials:

Ramps 2: Ramp Builder

A variety of ramp building materials, such as:

  • carpet samples
  • pink foam
  • foam wrap
  • wood
  • plywood
  • rubber treads
  • PVC-white
  • PVC-black
  • brick
  • masking tape
  • gutter
  • Ramp Builders activity sheet

Sink or Float?

A variety of ramp building materials, such as:

  • carpet samples
  • pink foam
  • foam wrap
  • wood
  • plywood
  • rubber treads
  • PVC-white
  • PVC-black
  • brick
  • masking tape
  • gutter
  • Ramp Builders activity sheet

You will also need to gather objects for students to roll down their ramps, such as MatchBox cars. You may want to provide colored stickers (or something similar) for the students to mark the distance the objects travel off of the ramp. Students will also need tools with which to measure the distance, such as rulers or cubes (cm).

Sky 1: Objects in the Sky

Water 1: Water and Ice

One per group of 3 students:

  • ice
  • clear plastic cups
  • clear plastic container of a different shape or size

One of each:

  • ice cube tray
  • access to a freezer
  • timer

Water 2: Disappearing Water

Water 3: Melting and Freezing


  • Ziploc baggies
  • water/ice
  • chocolate chips
  • margarine
  • paper towels
  • scale/balance

Weather 1: Weather Patterns

Materials for optional weather station:

  • Several weatherproof boxes
  • Thermometers
  • A glass beaker (or any straight-sided glass that can be marked with a measuring scale)
  • Coat hanger or wire (bent to make a holding rack)
  • Hammer and nails (to secure the rack)
  • A long wooden dowel (about the size of a broom stick)
  • An aluminum pie plate
  • A 12-inch long piece of wood (a sturdy ruler would work)
  • A metal washer
  • Glue
  • Small saw (or serrated knife)
  • Wire (for mounting)
  • Scissors (strong enough to cut aluminum)

Weather 2: What’s the Season?


  • A collection of dress-up clothes (include both warm-weather and cold-weather clothes)
  • What’s the Season? student sheet
  • Colored pencils
  • Rulers
  • Scissors

A Colorful Hypothesis

  • Food coloring (red, blue, yellow)
  • Tap water
  • 6 empty, clean baby food jars (or similar clear containers)
  • 3 eye droppers
  • Rimmed cookie sheet
  • Colored markers (at least 8 colors)
  • Plastic spoon
  • Sponge for clean up
  • Print out: A Colorful Hypothesis Observation Chart (640KB PDF)

Spool Racer


Materials Needed

  • spool
  • rubber band
  • metal washer
  • pencil
  • tape
  • toothpick

Wheel Discoveries

  • toys with wheels:
    toy cars
    bike (or trike or scooter)
    pull-toys (or push-toys)

Under Construction

Materials and Tools: digital camera; chart
paper; classroom blocks and gathered building
materials such as cardboard boxes (all sizes); pieces
of cardboard; paper cups; wrapping paper tubes,
yardsticks, or dowels; modeling clay; sand; string;
clothespins; newspaper

For the Build a Boat Area
• clean recycled materials for building
toy boats: small plastic food
containers, lids, trays, and bottle caps;
foam water “noodles” sliced into
discs; etc.
• craft sticks or coffee stirrers
(for masts)
• paper rectangles and triangles
cut from colorful magazine pages
(for sails)
• waterproof modeling clay and masking
tape (for attaching masts and sails)


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