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Materials List Middle School


Students need to bring a shoe box, if available, and backpacks to class to carry their projects home and back to class. Any painting of projects will be done at home.

Generic School Kit please bring to every class:

1 Compass/Protractor Set
1 Eraser, Pink Pearl
2 Folders with paper, assorted colors
1 Wood Glue, Yellow, Washable, 4oz
1 Markers, Classic, Fine, 8ct
1 Notebook, 70 pg, Wide, Asst, Spiral
1 Paper, Looseleaf, Wide Rule, 25ct
3 Pencils, #2 Sharpened
1 Pencils, Colored, 12ct, 7″ (Long)
1 Ruler, 12″ Standard & Metric, Clear Plastic
1 Scissors, Pointed

Instructor ordered the following package:


A8-3, B6-4, C6-3, C6-5 Engines – Bulk Estes Engines






Cross BoW SST – Bulk Estes Rockets






Viking – Bulk Estes Rockets





Launch Day supplies: sunscreen, food, water, lawn chairs. No running (wires on ground).

Science and Model Rockets Curriculum: 6 classes and launch day

The following

Instructor will provide basic rocket kits or select from the below (parachute rockets only):

Hobby Town

The Corner Shopping Center
8041 Walnut Hill, Suite 870
Dallas, TX 75231

(214) 987-4744


View Dallas

Beta™ Series (Skill Level 1)

Hobby Town SK1 Walnut Hill (Pick Up) or order:

    • Single stage rockets powered by a single engine no more powerful than a “D”
    • Some modeling experience helpful
    • Fin alignment attachment necessary
    • Moderate measuring and cutting
    • Gluing, sanding and sealing required
    • Easy painting patterns
    • Pressure sensitive or water applicable decals
    • Lauch lug put glue on, press on, pull off wait one minute then press on
    • Scratch lines on body tube for fins, line side of fins with glue after gluing

Optional add advanced rocket kits to build for collection:

Hobby Town SK2 Walnut Hill (Pick Up) or order:

Explorer™ Series ( Skill Level 2)

    • Single or multi-stage rockets powered by engines no more powerful than a “D”
    • Average to above average modeling experience required
    • Fin construction and alignment may be complex
    • Detailed measuring, cutting and gluing
    • Sanding, sealing and varied painting schemes
    • Unique design configurations
    • Balsa wood layer glue covered by paper then wax paper under book

Protractors, large straws, string, erasers, scotch tape, scissors, talcum or baby powder. Sandpaper

Model Cement and Wood Glue:

Elmer’s® Carpenter’s Wood Glue, 4 Oz.

Bulk Rocket Kits (for teacher):

NASA Rockets Educator Guide

Pop Can “Hero Engine”
4 empty aluminum soft drink cans per team, with pull tabs intact
Carpenter’s nails of different sizes ( 6,12, 16D, etc.)
String (about 50 cm)Water tub (large plastic storage tub, small kiddy pool, sink, etc.)
Stickers or bright permanent marker

Sheet of 8.5 x 11 paper (white or colored)
Cellophane tape
Meter stick or tape measure
Fat, round pencil or dowel (see tips, p. 43)
Eye protection
Drinking straws
Copy of the Ares I paper rocket plans

Heavy Lifting
Large binder clips (one per launch pad)
Fishing line or smooth string
Long balloons (see note on next page about sources)
Bathroom size (3 oz) paper cup2
straight drinking straws
50 small paper clips
Sandwich size plastic bag
Masking tape
Balloon hand pumps (optional)
Wooden spring-type clothespins (optional)
ActivityNewton Car
Newton Cars
1 1 X 3 X 8 inch board*3 1/4” diameter by 2 1/2” long dowels (or wood screws)
Wood glue
Cotton string
Two rubber bands (size 19)
Medicine bottles (see Tip)25 straight drinking straws (not fl exi)
Meter stick or ruler
Metric beam balance or scaleScissors or lighters (see Management below)
Popcorn seeds, washers, pennies, marbles, paper clips, etc. (for fi lling the bottles)
Safety goggles

ActivityRocket Races

MaterialsStyrofoam food trays (ask for donations from local supermarkets)
Small plastic stirrer straws (round cross section) – 2 per racer
Flexi-straws – 3 per racer
4- or 5-inch round balloon
Masking tape
Sharp pencil
Scissors (optional)
Meter stick or metric measuring tape for laying out race course
Sandpaper (optional)

Pop! Rockets
Card-stock paper
Glue stick
Cellophane tape
Optional – Computer with an illustration program and printer
Crayons or colored markers
Pop! Rocket Launcher (see page 63)
30 cm-long pieces of 1/2” PVC pipes

Foam Rocket

30 cm-long piece of polyethylene foam pipe insulation (for 1/2” size pipe )
Rubber band (size 64)
Styrofoam food tray3 8” plastic cable wraps
75 cm of ordinary string
Meter stick
Press tack
Washer or nut
Quadrant plans printed on card stock
Rocket construction instructions
Experiment data sheet
Masking tape
Launch record sheet
For class – tape measure

Launch Altitude Tracker
1/2” PVC pipe (2 6”-long pieces, 1 12”-longpiece)
1/2” PVC tee connector1
10”-length of aquarium airline hose (clear vinyl)*
1 Straight Airline Connector*
Water and food coloring
Pemanent marker
Marking Diagram
* Available at aquarium stores
Tape measure
Tangent table
Data sheet
Calculator (optional)

High-Power Paper Rockets
High-Power Paper Rocket Launcher (see activity)
Bicycle pump with pressure gauge or small electric compressor
Paper 8 1/2 X 11” (white or color)
Cellophane tape
1/2” PVC pipe 24” long
Student sheets

Project X-51
Materials(All supplies need to be available for each group.)•
2-liter soft drink bottle•
1-liter water bottle•
1 1” long by 3/4” diameter PVC segment•
Aluminum soft drink can•
Scrap cardboard, poster board, and tag board•
Large cardboard panels (about 3X1 feet) for silhouettes•
Duct tape•
Masking tape•
Glue stick•
Low-temperature glue gun•
Modeling clay•
Plastic grocery bag or garbage bag•
Art supplies(The following are needed for launch day.)• •
Safety goggles•
Altitude tracker (see page 80)•
Tape measure

Aviation and Light Gliders Curriculum: 4 Classes

Materials: Pencils, colored pencils and crayons. Sketch Pad. Estes Hi-Lite gliders, rulers, stopwatch, tape measure

Optional: Airplane model Estes Hi-Lite

Strips of paper, ping pong balls, string or yarn, text books, beach ball, an electronic fan, and straws.
Paper, scissors, tape, paper clips, meter sticks, fans, and stopwatches.


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