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Simple Machines

Simple Machines Activity
Learn about simple machines and the forces that make them work.  Visit COSI’s Gadgets Exhibit to learn more.

Zoom: Travel to a Star and Back to Earth

Drag: Parachute from the Stratosphere

Zoom Activity
When you travel near the speed of light to other areas of the galaxy and come back to Earth, be prepared.  Strange things happen to the passage of time!
Drag Parachute Activity
Determine whether the skydiver successfully lands jumping from 100,000 feet in the air.  Be sure to deploy the parachutes at the right time!

Cyberchase... a place where time and space are one... A place where the lines between reality and imagination no longer exist... A place where anyone can go and anything can happen.

Ion Engines

Ion Engine

Ion Engines are the most exciting new rocket propulsion system since the Chinese invented the rocket about a thousand years ago.

These activities should help you understand how Ion Engines work. Before you can understand the entire Ion Engine, you need to understand some basics about electric charges.

Play the first three activities to learn about electric charges. Read More

Top of Space Place Logo


Word puzzles, scrambled pictures, crazy quizzes, and even a board game. But you’ll never be bored on this page!


See how the world works and what we are doing about it!

Cosmic Kids

Ask an Astronomer for Kids
Build It!
Do People Glow in the Dark?
Infrared Zoo
Learn About Infrared
Learn About Spitzer
Spitzer in the Space Place
Stories From Space

The Plane Game – (Designed with Macromedia Flash 5 or HTML)

A quiz game which tests your knowledge of aeronautics as you “fly” around the world.

NEW! Play the HTML web based vesion of The Plane Game!

Alien Invaders

Alien Invaders Game
Shoot the alien spacecraft in this classic space game.
Difficulty = Medium
Type = Skill

Fantastic Voyages

Fantastic Voyages Quiz
Which famous stories about journeys to our Moon were really possible? Learn more in our quiz.
Difficulty = Medium
Type = Learning

Launch the map


What’s in the Solar System?
How far away is our nearest star?

Zoom in, out and around this map to explore your place in the Universe.

Launch the map

NASA - Future Flight Design

In this program, you will become a NASA researcher and design the air transportation system of the future! When cars were invented, scientists and engineers had to design a ground transportation system with roads and traffic rules. A similar system was designed for air transportation. With more people traveling by air than ever before, your challenge is to find ways to improve this air transportation system.

Lure of the Labyrinth


Space Junk

Like the Earth’s environment, the space environment is getting more and more cluttered. There are currently MILLIONS of man-made orbital ruins that make up “space junk”. Unfortunately, the past 45 years of space exploration have generated a lot of junk!

Space junk can be anything from hatches blown off space modules, paint fragments from the space shuttle, or satellites that no longer work. Man-made debris orbits at a speed of roughly 17,500 miles/hour (28,000 km/h)! Think of the damage even a small speck of paint could do if it hit a spacecraft at such a high speed!

We need your help to capture junk that’s floating out there in space. But be careful not to capture working satellites, spacecraft, or astronauts–three strikes and you’re out!

Engineering Interact
Interactive science and engineering for 9-11 year olds.

Nobel Prize Games


TryScience Home Page

Comet Cratering
Gravity In Action
How Do Probes Get To Space

Physical Science

Wonderville 3D

Airship game

Airship game

Take to the skies with this great Airship game from National Museums Scotland.


Energy Info Zone

Energy Zone

8 fab games from The Science Museum. (Don’t miss Energy Ninjas and Hungry Mice!)


Edheads Home

Go to Simple Machines Activity Page

Professor Starr’s Space Trip (story flipbook)

Living in Space – Design a Space Station

Draw a Dot-to-Dot Spacecraft

The Spinoffs Memory Game

Fly through a Tiny Space Maze

Nanosat Flingman

Field Guide to the Universe – Spacecraft

Missions to Planet Earth!

Voyager Spacecraft

Space Missions, Spacemen, Spacecraft

The Real Space Shuttle

The Space Place (NASA for kids)

Outer Space Life Quiz from the BBC



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