Basics of Space Flight

Basics of Space Flight
Basics of Space Flight is a training module designed primarily to help people identify the range of concepts associated with deep space missions and grasp the relationships these concepts exhibit for space flight.

Estes Educator

space sciences Education Forum


Goldstone Apple Valley Radio Telescope Program

Goldstone Apple Valley Radio Telescope Program
Students team with scientists to conduct cutting edge research leading to discovery.

JPL Education Gateway

JPL Education Gateway
The JPL Education Gateway posts information for educators and students about the many missions and events at JPL.

JPL Solar System Ambassadors Program

JPL Solar System Ambassadors Program
The Solar System Ambassador’s program is a JPL public outreach effort designed to work with motivated volunteers, who organize and conduct public events that communicate exciting discoveries and plans for exploration in Solar System research and technology through non-traditional means. There are now 278 Ambassadors in 50 states and Puerto Rico bringing the excitement of space to the public.


(Central Operation of Resources for Educators): Serves as the worldwide distribution center for NASA-produced multimedia materials including more than 200 videocassette, slide, and CD-ROM programs.

NASA Digital Learning Facebook(TM)
Name:NASA Digital Learning Network(TM)Category:Common Interest – ScienceDescription:Experience out-of-this-world interactive learning with NASA’s Digital Learning Network™!
Learn more about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics from NASA’s DLN!

NASA Digital Learning Network(TM)
Through distance learning technologies like videoconferencing and webcasting, the DLN connects students and teachers with NASA experts and education specialists. You will find numerous modules in our Event Catalog for all grade levels. DLN events feature science, technology, engineering, and mathematics or STEM content that highlights NASA missions and research. All of our events are free. Register for interactive events listed in our catalog or watch our webcasts listed below.

NASA Education Program

NASA Education Program
Offers a rich and comprehensive slate of study opportunities for students and educators, ranging from grade school to post-doctorate levels.

NASA Teaching Materials Search

NASA’s journeys into air and space have deepened humankind’s understanding of the universe, advanced technology breakthroughs, enhanced air travel safety and security, and expanded the frontiers of scientific research. These accomplishments share a common genesis: education.


National Science Education Standards

National Science Education Standards
Many NASA educational activities and products address the National Science Education Standards in an effort to meet teachers needs.


Ames Research Center. NASA’s K-12 Internet Initiative. This is a highly interactive site that features chats with scientists, video feeds to the Space Shuttle and much more.

School of Earth and Space Exploration


The purpose of SCINEWS is to provide middle and high school teachers timely, pre-packaged lessons on a science current event (such as an oil spill, earthquake, or shuttle launch) that are short (~15 min), easy to implement, and align to AZ state standards. Materials might include a slide show, videos, maps, photographs, or KML files for use in Google Earth. Each current event lesson has an associated PDF document that contains a brief overview of the event and lesson, as well as a map, photo(s), and AZ standards targeted. Although using current events in the classroom is not new, the goal here is to provide simple and short lessons that associate ‘textbook’ concepts with real events in the news while allowing for class discussion.


The NASA Science Engineering Mathematics and Aerospace Academy, or SEMAA, is a national, innovative project designed to increase participation and retention of historically underrepresented K-12 youth in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, or STEM.

SEMAA has emerged as a nationally renowned leader in the efforts to increase the participation of historically underserved K-12 youth in the areas of STEM. Established as a joint venture in 1993 between NASA Glenn Research Center and Cuyahoga Community College, the project has grown from a single site to a national organization that is supported by Congress and dedicated to improving the academic success of children nationwide.

Space Coalition
The quest to learn more is a never-ending adventure
Welcome to Education Station – a virtual space classroom for teachers, adults and kids.
Here, you’ll find a rich resource of fun, interactive games and hands-on learning tools that feature the latest in science, technology, engineering and math. It’s the perfect way to inspire and involve a new generation of inventors and innovators. Plus, it supports our nation’s “Educate to Innovate” initiative and NASA’s Summer of Innovation program, both calls to help young people excel in science and math … the lifeblood of our country’s space enterprise and global competitiveness.
The quest to learn more is a never-ending adventure – for each of us. Have fun.

Space Place

Space Place
A web site that offers ways to get involved in learning about space science and exploration. The Space Place is one of JPL’s many successful education and outreach efforts.

Space Science Curriculum Standards Quilt

Space Science Curriculum Standards Quilt
The fastest way to track down lesson plans that meet National Science Education Standards. The Quilt is searchable by grade level, science content standards and thematic organizing standards.

Space Science Education Resource Directory

Space Science Education Resource Directory
A directory to find NASA space science lesson plans, products and other education materials. Searchable by grade, subject and topic.

Space Telescope Science Institute
Welcome to the Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI) — home of science program selection, grant administration, planning, scheduling, and public outreach activities for the Hubble Space Telescope (HST). STScI provides data archive and distribution for all of NASA’s optical/UV missions, including HST. STScI is also the science and operations center for the 6.5m James Webb Space Telescope (JWST). Details on these and other related topics can be found throughout the site.

STEM Education Resource Center
Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Resources for Grades PreK-12
PBS offers all Americans the opportunity to explore new ideas and new worlds related to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) learning through television and online content. On-line broadband access and digital media are dramatically changing the opportunities available to the nation’s educators improving STEM education. Our recent national educator survey (Grunwald, 2009) indicates that more teachers than ever before are turning to digital media resources to help their students understand concepts, practice new skills and engage in exciting, authentic learning experiences.

Teachers’ Domain is an online library of more than 1,000 free media resources from the best in public television. These classroom resources, featuring media from NOVAFrontlineDesign SquadAmerican Experience, and other public broadcasting and content partners are easy to use and correlate to state and national standards. Teachers’ Domain resources include video and audio segments, Flash interactives, images, documents, lesson plans for teachers, and student-oriented activities. Once you register, you can personalize the site using “My Folders” and “My Groups” to save your favorite resources into a folder and share them with your colleagues or students.


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