Perminov: Russia Stands Ready to Help Make Space Tourism a Reality | Parabolic Arc

Roscosmos Head Anatoly Perminov told media this week that his country’s engineers stand ready to help commercial space tourism and station operators domestically and in the United States make their vehicles safe and reliable.

“Roscosmos does not build space hotels. This is done by different commercial organizations supported by Roscosmos. As experts, we are in position to provide our assistance to the project funded not by the Government, in order to enhance their reliability,” Perminov said.

Within Russia, a consortium led by RSC Energia is pursuing the construction of a human-tended commercial space station that would be used for tourism, experiments and other purposes. This station would be serviced by Soyuz transports and Progress freighters.

Roscosmos has suspended its space tourism flights to the International Space Station due to increased demand for its Soyuz spacecraft, Perminov said. The space agency will ramp up production of the transports so it can begin tourism flights to ISS in a couple of years.

A private Russian space station would further increase demand for Soyuz transports. However, by the time it is ready to launch, the U.S. is likely to have fielded alternative transports that will reduce the demand on Soyuz vehicles for ISS duty, resulting in excess capacity to accommodate commercial stations.

via Perminov: Russia Stands Ready to Help Make Space Tourism a Reality | Parabolic Arc.


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