Space Exploration

Think Outside the Circle


The frontier of space is rapidly opening to a new generation of travelers – for research and discovery, for adventure and for business. But, with all the social, economic and ecological concerns we face right here on Earth, you might wonder why we need a space program. It is precisely because of these issues that we do need a space program



Why explore space? Well, for one, it’s about life on Earth.

The exploration of space is an engine for creation. It sparks high-tech and high-paying jobs. It captures the pulse of our planet and its complicated climate. It spurs technological innovation that enhances daily life, from advances in aviation to medical devices that help save lives. It is also a key engine for igniting interest in youth to study science, technology and math. Dollars spent on space exploration don’t get blasted into Earth orbit.

Everyone on Earth is a beneficiary of space exploration – robotic and human – with a global return on investment that is truly immeasurable.


Trace Space Back to You

Have you ever wondered how space exploration impacts your daily life?


Why Space Exploration Still Matters


We’re human, and we’ve conquered Earth. That’s our history in a nutshell. In the 200,000 year history of our existence we’ve managed to sprawl across the entire habitable surface of our little blue planet. So what’s next may seem only natural: space. Scientists have been shooting for the stars as long as history has been around to document such things.


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