Monster of the Milky Way

On-Air & Online | Tuesday, August 25, 2009, 8 – 9:00 pm
Astronomers are closing in on the proof they’ve sought for years that one of the most destructive objects in the universe — a supermassive black hole — is lurking right in the center of our own galaxy. Could it flare up and devour our entire galactic neighborhood? (CC, Stereo, HD, 1 year)

Inside an Enigma
Explore the oddities of black holes in this interview with NASA’s Steve Ritz.

Galactic Explorer

Galactic Explorer
Astronomer Andrea Ghez talks of her huge discovery and her life. Hear audio highlights or go to the full interview.

Tiny Black Holes

Tiny Black Holes
Miniature black holes might be all around us, even passing through Earth.

Black Holes Explained

Black Holes Explained
Listen in as top physicists take on the challenge.

Birth of a Black Hole

Birth of a Black Hole
In this slide show, see how a dying star is reborn as a black hole.

Catalogue of the Cosmos

of the Cosmos
Examine some of the universe’s weirdest entities.


Watch a Preview
Does a supermassive black hole lurk at the center of our galaxy?

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