Again Ice is Found Aboard Asteroid

For the Second Time, Ice Found Aboard Asteroid, Suggesting Water in Orbit Could Be Common « Brainicane

Back in April, two teams of researchers caused a stir when they discovered the first-ever evidence of water ice and organic molecules riding around the solar system aboard an asteroid. Today, the same group has announced that it has found ice and organics on a second, larger asteroid as well, a finding that suggests water ice and organic molecules may be common passengers aboard asteroids throughout the solar system.

Of course, this also raises interesting possibilities for future generations of deep space travel. You need two key things to send a manned mission deep into space: fuel and water. The hydrogen in water can be split to provide fuel and oxygen, and naturally the stuff sustains human and plant life. If water ice is indeed circling the solar system in huge volumes on the other side of Mars, the asteroid belt could become a deep space filling station for future manned mission to the farthest regions of the solar system.


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